Testing Cognos Reports Ensures Data Quality

You need to trust that your reports and data are delivering accurate insights for smart decision making. However, maintaining the accuracy and quality of your data in Cognos involves manual and unstructured testing processes that are slow and error-prone.

An automated Cognos testing system, like MotioCI, simplifies traditional testing methods so that you can rest easy knowing you are delivering quality BI reports and assets.

Benefits of Automating Your Cognos Data Testing

Speeds Up the Testing Process

Automating the testing of Cognos runs on a repeatable, continuous basis and at any stage of the BI development cycle. No more manual testing, logging, and tracking passes/fails.

“Motio allows a full regression run of all the content in under an hour for us. This used to take 2 to 3 days for a dedicated QA resource. Now we can do a release in about 2 hours (excluding ETL runtime) and no dedicated QA is needed.”

– MotioCI Testing Customer, Higher Education Industry

Reduce Costs

The sooner you catch errors with your reports, the cheaper they are to fix. By having continuous, automated testing in place, you can catch errors early on in the development cycle and repair them at a much lower cost.

Increase Time to Market

Your business users demand quick reports and dashboards. When you automate your testing process, you can reduce the bottleneck from manual testing and are able to get these quality BI assets into the hands of your user community.

Improve the Quality of Your Data

Because manual testing methods are riddled with human error, you end up with poor quality data. Regression testing tools do the checking for you, ensuring that your data is meeting your expectations.