HealthPort, the authority on the compliant exchange of protected health information, recently selected Motio Persona software to migrate their Cognos authentication from Series 7 Access Manager to Active Directory. Read the following excerpt from the HealthPort Customer Success Story to find out how Persona streamlined their security migration.

Since 2006, HealthPort has made heavy use of IBM Cognos to provide actionable insight into the operational and strategic decisions at all levels of the company.

As a company at the forefront of HIPPA compliance, security is always a key concern.

“One of our recent initiatives has been to consolidate the authentication of multiple existing applications against a common, tightly controlled Active Directory infrastructure,” said Lisa Kelley, Director of Financial Reporting. “This presented significant challenges for our Cognos applications, which have historically authenticated against a separate Access Manager instance.”

Migrate Cognos authentication from access manager to active directory

Like many IBM Cognos customers, HealthPort discovered that migrating their Cognos applications from one authentication source to another was going to create a sizable amount of work for their BI and testing teams.

“Since migrating a Cognos instance from one authentication source to another causes the CAMIDs of users, groups and roles to change, it can impact everything from security policies and group memberships to scheduled deliveries and data level security,” said Lance Hankins, CTO of Motio. “In the case of HealthPort, we’re talking about an organization which has invested a considerable amount of time and energy in carefully configuring and verifying the security policies which govern each BI application and the data which it exposes.”

After carefully researching their options, HealthPort chose Persona IQ as the solution for their migration from Access Manager to Active Directory. Persona’s unique and patent-pending ability to migrate Cognos environments between authentication sources without affecting the CAMIDs of users, groups and roles ensured that all of HealthPort’s Cognos content, schedules and security configuration continued to function exactly as it had before.

Read the full story on how HealthPort benefitted from Persona with their Cognos security transition.


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