How to Get Proactive Alerts for Cognos Issues

by May 31, 2015Cognos Analytics, Cognos Troubleshooting, MotioCI0 comments

When something goes wrong in your IBM Cognos environment, it’s important to immediately notify the team of people in charge of fixing issues. If an issue goes undetected the following unwanted scenarios can happen:

  • A business user attempts to do something, it fails, a ticket is opened and you have an unhappy end user.
  • The farther down the BI environment development cycle that an issue travels before it is detected, the higher the cost is to repair. Such is the case if the issue isn’t detected until your business user discovers it in the production environment of Cognos.

A key benefit of automated testing and continuous integration is the proactive ability to detect issues early in your BI environment. With a tool like MotioCI in place, test cases are created to continuously monitor what is going on in your BI implementation.

In this blog, we will show how MotioCI monitors data sources and how it also integrates with ticketing systems so that support teams are alerted right away to troubleshoot and fix, before an issue impacts end users. We will provide you with the files to set this up in your own MotioCI implementation, but first take a look at the example and the video below.

A test case has been created in MotioCI to validate this data source.

CognosDataSource testCase sh

Within MotioCI we can set it to run every night (or more frequently) so that the data source is being monitored continuously. We can also configure MotioCI to send an E-mail if there is a failure.

TestCaseRunNightly sh

Additionally, MotioCI can trigger a ticket to get issued in a system like JIRA, which can then be assigned to the support team to troubleshoot.

JIRATicket sh

JIRA DataSourceFailure sh

Once the support team is notified about the issue, they would click on the Data Source in MotioCI.

MotioCIDataSource sh

From there, the revision history on this data source appears and they can see exactly what changed from when the data source validated successfully and when it failed. This provides better insight on how to troubleshoot this failure before it could potentially impact a business user.

DataSourceRevisionHistory sh

Watch this video to see how MotioCI proactively alerts when issues arise in Cognos objects such as data sources.

Data Source Validation Video