Leverage Motio's expertise in IBM Cognos Authentication Providers

We've built many Cognos CAPs since 2004. The MotioCAP is used in a wide variety of industries - from academic institutions and publicly traded financial organizations to several branches of the US armed forces.

Long-term Support, Lower Total Cost of Ownership

MotioCAP is actively supported, updated, and tested against the latest Cognos releases.

MotioCAP is Flexible & Adaptive

Convenient ‘flexpoints’ for supporting a wide variety of customer specific authentication scenarios. You name it - we've dealt with it...

  • Authentication against custom relational database schemas
  • Authentication against custom web services
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Integration with SAML, CAS, ClearTrust, SiteMinder, IBM Federated Identity Management (Tivoli), etc.
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Authentication against Peoplesoft

Faster Time to Market

Reduce the time required to implement a full custom security provider by as much as 90%, using the MotioCAP framework.