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Soterre for IBM Planning Analytics powered by TM1®

We make your environments resilient and safe.


For Planning Analytics


Planning, budgeting, and forecasting are mission-critical parts of any business.  These workloads require safety nets to ensure minimal downtime and smooth yet agile change management and version control capabilities.  Often, these needs take a toll on agile development. We provide the net, without entangling your team or users.



Soterre for IBM Planning Analytics powered by TM1® provides:

  • ZZero-touch version control
  • ZZero impact to authors
  • ZCapture changes with insight
  • ZBuilt-In change log
  • ZRollback change(s)
  • ZLifecycle for deployment of projects and objects
  • ZDeployments without server restarts
  • ZAudit ready state
  • ZCoordinating collaborators
  • ZStreamlining tasks of key cycles

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