Streamline Cognos Deployments

Deploying Cognos content between environments is typically a cumbersome process as you are constrained to moving entire folders of content at a time from Dev to QA to Production.

MotioCI simplifies Cognos deployments and provides you with more command over promoting only specific assets you want to move to a new environment.

Deploy Whatever You Want

MotioCI gives you the freedom to easily deploy specific Cognos packages, individual reports, revisions (including deletions) of a single Cognos asset, or a collection of Cognos content.

Deploy Whenever You Want

MotioCI gives you the flexibility to promote Cognos content immediately, or to schedule it at any time, on any date. You can automates deployments at the most convenient times so as not to disrupt peak business hours.

Undo Deployments

Make a mistake? No problem, a single “undo” button to simply reverse a Cognos deployment to go back to its prior state.