Soterre 1.8 Release

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Soterre 1.8 Released in February

In February, Motio released Soterre version 1.8, which includes new features, performance improvements, and bug fixes. All of our Soterre customers are highly encouraged to upgrade to this release. The full list of enhancements and corrections is below.

If you are new to the solution, Soterre provides zero-touch version control for Qlik Sense. The benefits of version control in Qlik enables:

  • Faster root cause detection
  • Compliance with audit requirements
  • A safety net for all your Qlik asset versions

Soterre 1.8 New Features and Improvements

  • Support for all authentication methods supported by Qlik Sense Enterprise
  • Cross-instance compare for Qlik Sense Enterprise
  • Changes made to `` will now be carried over when doing an upgrade
  • In Qlik node configuration:
    • the fields for “Root Certificate” and “Client Certificate” now expect the full path of the file, allowing the user more flexibility with where the files are located
    • the “Proxy Certificate” field now accepts PFX-formatted certificates
    • the “Root Certificate Password” and “Client Certificate Password” are now optional (can be left blank)
    • the “Certificate Folder” field has been removed now that “Root Certificate” and “Client Certificate” expect the full path
    • a virtual proxy for Soterre is no longer needed, and the fields for configuring virtual proxy settings have been removed
  • TM1 Agent download is now restricted to Soterre Administrators

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug preventing log in to a TM1 node if a Qlik node’s server was down
  • Fixed a bug causing the parameters tab for an Undo Deployment job to not display correctly
  • Fixed a bug causing the “Loading Namespaces” dialog to show indefinitely
  • Fixed a bug causing the key of Undo Deployment events to say “undefined” (they now say “Undo”) and the artifact change events resulting from the job to say “Deployed” (they now say “Restored (from Undo)”)
  • Fixed a bug that allowed non-admins to create Soterre tags through the Bulk Tag UI
  • Fixed a bug in the TM1 agent where the log level was too restrictive and the ports were not set correctly

If you need Motio assistance with the upgrade or have questions about the upgrade process, contact us at our support site ( We would be delighted to help all our customers upgrade to the latest version of Soterre!

For more information about Soterre, contact the team!