Cognos Recovery – Quickly Recover Lost, Deleted, or Damaged Cognos Framework Manager Models

by Mar 15, 2017Cognos Analytics, MotioPI0 comments

Have you ever lost or corrupted a Cognos Framework Manager Model? Have you ever wished you could recover the lost model based on information which is stored in your Cognos Content Store (e.g. a package which was published from the lost model)? You’re in luck! You can use MotioPI (a free tool for Cognos admins) to recreate your Framework Manager Model’s “model.xml” file with just a few simple clicks.


1. First – open up Framework Manager and create a new (empty) Framework Model. In the example shown below, we’ve called it “recover-lost-model”.

recover Cognos Framework Manager Models

Looking in Windows Explorer, you can see that Framework Manager creates 9 files for this new Framework Model, the most important of which is model.xml (this file contains the model information). Close Framework Manager.

Framework Manager

2. Now, we’re going to use MotioPI to recover the model.xml file for the lost model from Cognos.

After you’ve launched MotioPI, go to the Model panel and click on the “Package Selector” button.

MotioPI for Cognos

3. Select a package that was published from the Framework Model you’re trying to recover.

MotioPI framework model package select

4. Click on the “save local” button to recover the model.xml file for the lost Framework Model.

lost Cognos framework model recovery

5. Save the recovered model.xml file over the model.xml file which was created as part of the blank Framework Manager model in step 1.

save recovered Cognos framework model

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