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Motio Products Make Your Business Intelligence Platform Better 

Our passion is to take great BI Tools and improve upon them, helping users soar in what they can achieve in analytics.

Motio helps you


Create Efficiency


Improve Quality & Accuracy


Enhance Platform Performance


Gain Faster Time to Market


Tighten Management & Control


Remove the pain from Cognos upgrades, streamline Cognos deployments, recover deleted Cognos reports in seconds, automate Cognos regression testing, accelerate analytics development and more!


Gain automation and oversight of the continuous delivery process for a trusted Qlik Sense, Qlik SaaS, or Power BI experience.


In addition to recovering lost or damaged Cognos Framework models, Motio PI Professional gives you the ability to ensure correct security roles, batch validate Cognos reports and objects, enjoy rich search and replace to eliminate tedious time sinks, and perform a world of automations to more efficiently manage your Cognos assets.


Keep Cognos performance optimized with a proactive solution that assesses where and when your platform is lagging.


Let Motio connect your IBM Cognos environment to your security infrastructure with our fully supported Custom Authentication Provider or SAML solutions.

Persona IQ

Use Persona IQ® to seamlessly migrate your Cognos content and configuration from one authentication namespace to another—with no loss of CAMIDs.

Digital Hive

Bring all the data, systems, and environments that matter most to you within a single, intuitive user experience.


Premium support for the easy-to-use web plugin that integrates Qlik Sense with your Git provider, creating traceability and the impact of changes.


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We want to help you solve your BI bottlenecks! Let’s connect at one of these upcoming events and webinars.