Motio, Inc.® Acquires QSDA Pro

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Motio, Inc Acquires QSDA Pro

Adding Testing Capabilities to the Qlik Sense® DevOps Process

PLANO, Texas – 02 May, 2023 – On the heels of QlikWorld 2023, Motio, Inc., the software company that automates tedious administrative tasks and streamlines cumbersome BI development processes, announces the acquisition of QSDA Pro. This purchase joins two Qlik® validated software products creating further automation of the Qlik Sense development process by adding testing.

“Motio builds DevOps solutions for Qlik Sense and Qlik SaaS,” stated Edwin van Megesen, VP of Business Development. “Soterre™ is our zero-touch version control and deployment tool that works without creating an administrative burden for developers. Testing is a critical aspect of CI/CD, and with QSDA Pro we now offer automatic testing of apps, that again aid the developer. We want to empower developers to succeed without impeding their data design.”

In 4Q 2021, Motio acquired Gitoqlok providing seamless integration into Qlik, easing lifecycle management, and opening the door to better serve the Qlik community and support Qlik’s cloud strategy. Building on this success and its integration with Soterre, Motio continues to seek ways to create the most accurate and reliable Qlik implementation possible. QSDA Pro fits that strategy. In that same vein, we will continue to utilize the expertise of QSDA Pro founder, Rob Wunderlich.

“Today, more than ever, it is important to find a company that meshes with your vision and values. Motio, Inc. does that.”, stated Rob Wunderlich, Founder of QSDA Pro and Qlik Partner Ambassador. “We both see the importance of following developmental best practices and providing the tools necessary to ensure developers can identify and resolve issues to minimize the risks of production issues. While Motio acquired QSDA Pro, I am not going anywhere. I will continue to be instrumental in the development of the product and its integration into the Motio suite.”



About Motio:

At Motio, we don’t make business intelligence and analytics software. We make it better by giving you the tools to triumph over your BI congestion. We want to improve the lives of our customers and help them excel at their jobs. We do this by building innovative software tools that streamline workflows and inefficiencies within BI & Business Analytics platforms. For more information visit Follow Motio, Inc. on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About QSDA Pro:

QSDA Pro is a tool that allows users to quickly and easily identify issues and errors in their Qlik Sense applications allowing the delivery of cleaner, leaner, faster apps. For more information visit

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