Motio, Inc. Delivers Real-Time Version Control for the Cognos Analytics Cloud

by Sep 21, 2022Cloud, Cognos Analytics0 comments

PLANO, Texas – 22 September 2022 – Motio, Inc., the software company that helps you sustain
your analytics advantage by making your business intelligence and analytics software better,
today announced all its MotioCI applications now fully support the Cognos Analytics Cloud.

Roger Moore, VP of Product Engineering stated, “we have been on quite the IBM cloud journey.”
“Our team has worked tirelessly over the course of many years, and through it all, we at Motio,
felt this was a necessary big step in servicing our clients and Cognos platform users worldwide.
With this last piece of the puzzle in place we can now provide all Cognos champions with the
level of service they expect from our strong partnership.”

“Our team is excited to offer solutions that now support IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson,
whether an organization prefers an on-premises or in the cloud solution,” said Lynn Moore, CEO
of Motio, Inc. He continued, “we’ve been a business analytics partner with IBM for over 20 years,
and this solidifies our ability to provide an analytics advantage to those working in Cognos. To
stay ahead of the competition organizations must be able to visualize data trends and feel
secure their company can easily and efficiently complete projects, upgrade quickly and migrate
safely to the cloud should they choose.”

The MotioCI hassle-free application offers active version control, deployment, clean up and
testing for those using the Cognos with Watson analytics platform. It also eases the upgrade
process. These are some of the features that assist leaders of business intelligence groups by
providing automation of tasks, leading to time and money savings that result in the ability to
reach business goals quickly.