Motio Tightens its Long Partnership with IBM— OEM Partnership Agreement Announced

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Motio software is now available for purchase directly from IBM’s portfolio of products.

We are excited to share the news about an original equipment manufacturing (OEM) agreement through which IBM will offer Motio software directly from IBM’s portfolio of products!

Motio, an IBM partner for nearly two decades, created its software to provide a set of integrated features that make it easier to develop in IBM Cognos Analytics.

The History of Motio and Cognos

The timeline of Motio’s relationship with Cognos dates back to the days prior to when IBM acquired the analytics software platform. Motio became an SDK partner and were often brought in on engagements with key accounts to extend and integrate Cognos in various ways “outside of the box.” These projects earned Motio the moniker of the “Cognos SDK Experts” and then began developing software products that further enhanced and accelerated development teams working with Cognos.

The relationship continued with Motio becoming an IBM Business Partner when they acquired Cognos. Shortly thereafter, IBM became a Motio customer— utilizing our version control, deployment, automated testing, and performance monitoring solutions in their own Cognos Analytics implementation.

Motio joined IBM on the road with their “Bring the Base Forward” initiative to help their Cognos customers modernize their analytics endeavors on the latest and greatest version of the platform.

From there, Motio has been delivering the very popular upgrade workshops which started as in-person events and are now being furnished in convenient virtual formats covering time-zones all over the world.

And now, we are thrilled that customers can conveniently shop Cognos Analytics and Motio software with one-stop sourcing directly from IBM’s portfolio of products. Customers will also be able to get direct support from their dedicated IBM support team.

“Today marks the next step in our 17-year partnership journey with IBM, empowering Cognos Analytics users around the world in their BI endeavors,” says Lynn Moore, CEO, Motio, Inc. “With IBM announcing our software will be available for purchase directly from IBM’s portfolio of products, Cognos customers will have faster, easier access to Motio Software, enhancing their analytics experience with the powerful Cognos platform.”


Motio + Cognos Analytics Software = One Powerful Team

As the mantra for today’s consumer centers around instant gratification, the demand for faster delivery of accurate information at any organization is crucial. Motio products provide powerful enhancements for Cognos Analytics by providing version control, automated regression testing, system monitoring, stress and load testing, automated deployments, search and replace, and much more. Motio products accelerate BI development processes ensuring that Cognos Analytics customers get their data in time to make vital business decisions.

Cognos makes it easier than ever to visualize data and share actionable insights across an organization to foster more data-driven decisions. It can be deployed where and when needed–on premises, on cloud or both. Cognos Analytics can also be deployed on IBM Cloud Pak® for Data, across any cloud or multi-cloud environment.

“In the beginning, Motio was known in the IBM community as ‘the Cognos SDK experts’ and over the years, they have steadily constructed a series of powerful products layered on the Cognos platform,” says Douglas Bonanno, IBM Global Sales Executive, Cognos Analytics. “These Motio products enable customers to accelerate analytics implementations while ensuring the highest possible quality.  IBM is excited and pleased to be able to offer these products directly to our customer base.”


You can continue to purchase Motio software and receive support from us, OR you can purchase through your IBM Sales Rep, or your Partner Reseller.

If you have additional questions feel free to contact us!