MotioCI 3.2.8 – The Latest Release

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MotioCI 3.2.8 is live, and we will be giving you a run down of the newest benefits to you- the end user!

Multi-page HTML has been added as an output type for testing. With this, MotioCI can better approximate how users consume reports — one page at a time. Reports can now be tested more accurately and at greater scale using HTML output. Just like you were able to compare PDF outputs side-by-side, you now can also compare the multi-page HTML format side by side to spot differences more quickly. In classic MotioCI fashion, errors will be flagged and highlighted, and you can see on what page they occur so you don’t have to dig for discrepancies.

The Assertion Studio now provides even more tools in your testing tool belt. We’ve added several string manipulation steps as well as numerous quality of life enhancements to make Assertion Studio more flexible and more productive than ever.

With your security in mind, SSL encryption is now enabled by default, and configuration is easier than ever.

The ability to assign users as project contacts has been added. It was designed to help improve workflows and communication throughout the team. Now for all of your projects, you can select an employee as the designated project manager so all questions go through them. All users working on the report will see who to direct their questions to.

Another new capability in MotioCI 3.2.8 is that uploaded files and data sets can now be promoted.

Sometimes a data modeler will need to verify the impact of changes in the model to existing reports.  Now, you can look across all packages for a data item name to see what reports use it and what its definition is. Ex. if the spelling changes, or if you remove an underscore, you can see the reports affected. This can also help ensure consistency in naming standards across all objects by allowing authors to do QA and scan published packages for inconsistencies of spelling.

We hosted a webinar all around compliance data testing. It shared a modern approach to data compliance testing to ensure sensitive data stays secure. The examples used in the webinar were PII and PHI. You can replay it at any time by clicking the button below:

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