Version Anything in Cognos

  • Version all Cognos object types, anywhere in the Content Store
  • Version Framework Manager models, Transformer models, XML specifications, tooltips, etc.'
  • Version all properties, including object permissions
  • Version dispatchers, data sources, report services

Cognos Object Inventory

Inventory & Reduction

Uncover what you have in your Content Store (duplicate content, reports that aren't being run, etc.) with the inventory feature. Learn how complex your reports are for more intelligent testing. Remove unwanted content to keep your Cognos environment clean and improve your upgrade planning.

Integration with Bug Tracking Systems

MotioCI integrates with third-party defect tracking systems such as JIRA, IBM Rational ClearQuest, Trac, and more! As you make updates to a report, you can link back to a change request or defect from tracking system tickets along with automatically closing them out. This creates a more organized workflow.

Lock your Work to Securely Make Changes

Check out and lock reports and shared file system resources like transformer and Framework Manager models so you can securely work without anyone else overwriting your edits.

Visually Compare Different Versions of Cognos Objects

Our "Diff" feature lets you compare two versions of a Cognos object and highlight what's different between each version. This helps troubleshoot faster when changes introduced an issue

Cognos Object Inventory

Regression Testing in Cognos

You can automate regression testing on the following Cognos objects:

  • Executable content (reports, analyses, active reports, queries, etc.)
  • Non-executable Cognos content (packages, folders, dispatchers, data sources)
  • Output formats (PDF, CSV, etc.)

You can test things like report data validation, execution time, standards & proven practices are being followed, no embedded SQL, dispatcher status, and much more.