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We Specialize In Helping Analytics Teams Get More From Their Platform 

Professional Services engagements from experts who specialize in making hard analytics tasks easy. We have over 20 years of experience working with clients to solve and fill gaps in analytics platforms. If you’re struggling with repetitive tasks, upgrades, migrations, or deployments, let us help you get you to your desired state faster than you thought possible, and within budget.

Our Services

Upgrade Your BI Platform

We help you design the project and draw up the plan. During execution we can install the new version, clean up the old system, migrate content, test, validate, and support go-live. Using our software technology, we are able to reduce cost and time up to 50% compared to a manual process. Looking to upgrade? Start HERE.

Security Migrations

When organizations change security providers it can cause major issues in the BI platform and break dashboards, schedules, reports, and row-level security. Motio has built tooling to help migrate between security providers, eliminating most of the manual effort and minimizing downtime. 

Implementing Performance Management

Performance issues can arise and surface through your BI system. Motio provides services to analyze and determine the source of the performance degradation in your BI and surrounding architecture. We can execute a health check, tune the system, make recommendations, and verify improvements within your BI platform.

Implementing Data Quality Assurance

Modern data pipelines have challenges associated with poor data entry, the sheer volume of data, and the speed of data movement, which can cause issues that surface in analytics tools. When using complex calculations in databases or dashboards, incorrect data can lead to blank cells, unexpected zero-values, or even incorrect calculations. Motio helps you to get ahead of the curve and notifies you of any data issues before the information is delivered to end-users by implementing our automated testing solutions. 

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