Exporting and Importing Security rules – Qlik Sense to Git

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Exporting and Importing Security rules – Qlik Sense to Git


There are two groups of people: those who do backups, and those who will start doing backups.

Ways To Back-Up Security Rules In Qlik Sense


How to backup security rules using Gitoqlok


chrome web store page

Gitoqlok is the freemium, easy-to-use version control tool that works from your browser. It integrates your Qlik Sense app with git repository through GitHub, Gitlab, Gitea, AWS Commit, BitBucket APIs without any third-party servers between.

Gitoqlok option page

If you are not familiar with GitHub or Gitlab there are some helpful links in the end of article.

Security rules import and backup using Gitoqlok

How to restore a Security Rules backup using Gitoqlok


Restore a backup of Security Rules
Security Rules difference viewer


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