Instant Replay for Cognos Troubleshooting

by Aug 17, 2020ReportCard0 comments

Instant replay has revolutionized the way we consume entertainment. Was his foot in bounds when he made that catch? Let’s timeout and consult the zoom lens! Wait, what did she say? Rewind and play that scene again! Did you really run a red light? Time to fire up the dash cam. Instant replay brings clarity to a previously unclear situation that we’ve learned to depend on.

But, can instant replay work to your advantage at the office (or remote office?) What if we could re-play any moment that happened during the day? You could re-watch Maria’s presentation countless times or see that Joe, in fact, did not take the last La Croix from the fridge. But let’s go one step deeper. How could an instant replay affect your Cognos environment?

Have you ever experienced the chill that comes with learning that your Cognos production environment has gone down? How can you ensure that the environment won’t go down, or run more slowly, or have any other issues again? Well… you can’t. But with ReportCard’s System Monitoring feature, you can replay the events that led up to an issue immediately with the click of a button.

By replaying the issue, you can both understand what caused it and also learn how to prevent similar issues in the future. ReportCard’s System Monitoring lets you replay the events in a sandbox, so you can try different ideas until you find what works.

If your system is slowing down or breaking too often (and honestly, even breaking once is too much) there’s likely a recurring reason. By uncovering what caused the system to go down, you can create measures to ensure that it does not happen again. You can learn the most frequent cause of your issues, have ReportCard test them in the background, and give you an idea of how Cognos will react. For example, if you plan on hiring 20 new Cognos report authors, how will your current system handle the new testing load? How will Cognos react for a retail company on Black Friday or Boxing Day?

ReportCard tests the system in the background, based on your specific parameters, to provide you with an idea of what Cognos can handle and what factors will likely result in it breaking. Once you have a solution, apply it to your Production environment and relax.

Now you can apply an instant replay gratification to your Cognos environment. Without the NFL hold music.

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