Motio, Inc. Acquires Gitoqlok

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Motio, Inc. Acquires Gitoqlok
Bringing Together Strong Version Control Without Technical Complexities

PLANO, Texas – 13 October 2021 – Motio, Inc., the software company that helps you sustain your analytics advantage by making your business intelligence and analytics software better, today announced it has completed the acquisition of Gitoqlok, bringing together two leading software products for the Qlik community.

The move to acquire Gitoqlok has been in process for the past 10 months with the deal signed on October 12, 2021.

“In today’s working environment it is important for companies to pivot their priorities to those that allow them to gain the greatest advantage. Competing on analytics remains at the forefront of business strategies and provides the opportunity to find the nuggets of data which will guide businesses to exponential success” stated Lynn Moore, CEO, Motio, Inc. “The acquisition of Gitoqlok is a cohesive piece of the puzzle that allows us to better serve those in the Qlik community. Gitoqlok’s seamless integration within the Qlik user experience makes it easier to surface lifecycle management capabilities directly to Qlik authors. It also aligns with our 2022 Qlik Cloud strategy.”

Gitolok’s is an easy-to-use tool that versions visual objects and data load scripts directly from the browser and provides the ability to share and reuse master items, variables, sheets, and load scripts from app to app. Combined with Soterre, which enhances Qlik Sense delivery through the automation of capabilities that are not native, but necessary, these two products provide power users the ability to eliminate the burden of technical complexities.

“A version control system has never been a feature built into Qlik Sense,” stated Alex Polorotov, Co-Founder, “This along with the lack of some sort of Git integration has always been a concern of mine, so working with my team and Qlik community support, we created a tool that integrates easily with any Git provider, and allows more than 1000 Qlik developers to leverage all the power of version control and code management with Git. “It is so exciting to join the Motio team and continue to work on the joint product – Soterre+Gitoqlok to bring the best zero-touch version control to the market.”

About Motio:
At Motio, Inc., we don’t make business intelligence and analytics software. We make it better by giving you the tools to triumph over your BI congestion. We want to improve the lives of our customers and help them excel at their jobs. We do this by building innovative software tools that streamline workflows and inefficiencies within BI & Business Analytics platforms. For more information visit Follow Motio, Inc. on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Gitoqlok:
Gitoqlok was born out of the necessity to fill the gap between the lack of version control in Qlik Sense and a lack of a git integration in the Qlik software. It was created by a team of developers at Gitoqlok is a free, web-based plugin that allows developers the ability to collaborate and share their best practices via a public or private GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket, AWS Commit, AzureDevops Gitea repositories. For more information visit

Motio, Inc. Media Contact:
Sherie Wigder
Director of Marketing
Motio, Inc.

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