The Benefits of Sharing a Single Roof

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Cognos Analytics and Planning Analytics Under the Same Roof


IBM has just announced that Cognos Analytics and Planning Analytics are now under one roof.  We have one question –  What took them so long?  There are a number of obvious benefits to integrating these two applications.  There are advantages for IBM, if only for market leadership and breadth of functionality.  The key benefits are for the consumer. Benefits of Cognos Analytics And Planning Analytics Together In One



Self-service is made simpler.  There’s now a single point of entry. Plus, the first decision — which tool to use – is removed from the decision flow matrix.  The user can now more easily use, and navigate the BI / Analytics / Planning landscape.



Because of the single point of entry, there will be less time spent looking for the right tool  or right report/asset.  An improved workflow leads to improved efficiency and productivity.



Working from a single perspective eliminates distractions and inconsistencies. Consolidation leads to Increased reliability, accuracy and consistency.  A trusted source of truth is created. A trusted, single source of truth breaks down silos and increases organizational alignment.   Lack of consistency between business units or departments potentially leads to confusion and lack of productivity as staff try to make sense of conflicts.. 



With Cognos Analytics and Planning Analytics integrated, the user is presented with a better continuum of capabilities.  Related data makes more sense in a single application.  With data from multiple sources in a single application you’re better able to see context.  There isn’t a good business sense to separate related data into multiple silos.  With additional views to the same data, you can better interpret it.



This long-awaited arrangement allows the user to get the same numbers against the same data, in the same tool.  Having a common architecture allows the organization to seamlessly connect and pass data between applications.  Data flows more seamlessly across the organization with enforceable policies.



Until now, Planning has been in the realm of Finance, but Planning isn’t only for Finance. Finance will benefit from the additional capabilities of Cognos Analytics.  On the other side of the equation, Operations, Sales, Marketing, and HR in particular all need fast, flexible planning and analysis:  Analytics and Planning should be for everyone across the organization.  Bringing the two under the same roof breaks down silos of data and information.



It may not be more secure, but it will be just as secure. Furthermore, it will be easier to manage and enforce a single point of security and related Identify management.

Master data management and data governance


Similarly, managing and governing the data will be simplified.  Governance establishes the policies and procedures, whereas, data management enforces those policies.  

The Benefits


The roof may be metaphorical, but the benefits are real.  For a point of comparison, PricewaterhouseCoopers estimates that software integration provides more than $400B cost and efficiency gains.  Share a piece of the $400 billion with improved ROI, time savings, and business value with IBM Cognos Analytics and Planning Analytics integrated, under one roof.