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Accelerate Your Qlik Development Through Automation

January 24

Accelerate Your Qlik Development

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM CST

Navigating the labyrinth of app reviewing can be a painstaking process. It’s not just time-consuming; it’s a cycle of review, manual modification, re-review, and more modifications – an error-prone and expensive loop.

Join QSDA Pro’s founder and creator, Rob Wunderlich, to learn how to transform your Qlik development journey with automation and insight.

What’s on the Agenda?

  • The Art of Application Analysis: Discover how QSDA Pro automates quality validation, flagging potential issues before they escalate. Witness the magic of actionable advice, error prevention, and insights during deployment.
  • Chart Performance Alchemy & DevOps Integration: Experience the power of QSDA Pro in harmonizing chart performance and streamlining your DevOps process. See how it reduces manual testing efforts and enhances app quality.
  • Variable Mastery & Efficient Resource Management: Unravel the complexity of variables in your data visualizations and learn to optimize resource usage for leaner, faster apps.
  • Explore the four key elements of assessment – Quality, Performance, Practice, and Resources – to support your BI solutions.