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Soterre for Qlik Sense

We make your environments resilient and safe.


For Qlik Sense


Accurate analytics are paramount to enabling your team to make proper business decisions.  Qlik enables these decisions by transforming your data into actionable insights.  Soterre monitors the evolution of your Qlik assets, enabling a safer and more accurate experience.

Analytics chart


Analytics on laptop

Soterre provides your team with a more innovative experience in Qlik Sense. Unleash your creativity knowing you can safely undo any change, at any time. Soterre for Qlik offers zero-touch version control and easy deployment of your Qlik applications, sheets, streams, extensions, and more! In addition, it allows for:

  • ZZero-impact to authors
  • ZCapture changes with insight
  • ZBuilt-in change log
  • ZAudit-ready state
  • ZCoordinating authors

Download the Datasheet

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