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Upgrade Cognos Analytics

 With over 20 years of experience, our global team can help you design your Cognos Analytics upgrade project and draw up the plan. During execution, we:

  • ZAnalyze Your Current Cognos Environment
  • ZNarrow The Scope
  • ZTest And Validate
  • ZRemediations
  • ZMigrate
  • ZGo Live

Our software technology enables us to reduce costs and time up to 50% compared to manual process. Looking for other professional services? Click HERE.


Cognos Analytics Upgrades


A revolutionary way to keep up with each and every new Cognos version and align your business with IBM’s common release strategy.

Say goodbye to that unsupported version of Cognos, stop avoiding that upgrade, and say hello to The Upgrade Factory!

  • ZCompete on analytics
  • ZUpgrade quickly & efficiently
  • ZUtilize latest capabilities & features
  • ZMinimize lagging & legacy systems
  • ZEliminate stressful tasks & projects
  • ZPerform day-to-day tasks
Cognos Analytics Upgrade Factory

3Blogs & Case Studies

Read the success customers have found with the Cognos Upgrade Factory!

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3 Steps To A Successful Cognos Upgrade

Three Steps To A Successful IBM Cognos Upgrade

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See what some of our customers have to say…

Automating our manual testing sped up our project time by 91%

“We’re way more confident in keeping up with Cognos upgrades with Motio. Going to (new CA versions) will take us weeks instead of months.”

Missy Price

BI Analyst, State of North Dakota

Using Motio dropped our upgrade time by 60%

“Upgrading Cognos used to take six months and was a painful process but implementing Motio’s outlined agile approach made the turnaround time 2 months, and kept us within budget.

Ashish Smart

Enterprise Architect, Orlando Utilities Commission

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