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Lights, Camera, Cognos!

August 18, 2022

After a series of back-to-back Best Picture presentations, Motio and IBM bring you all their Oscar-winning performances in one morning. Join us on August 18 beginning at 9:00 am to hear what Siskel and Roeper give two thumbs up:

A Safe Cloud Migration: Mission Impossible?

In the 21st century, a BI Architect is tasked with migrating his on-premises Cognos environment to the cloud. His sole purpose is to ensure this migration is successful or the result will be a catastrophic impact on his organization’s business intelligence. Faced with multiple challenges including comparing environments, confirming security, difficult data, and performance testing, our Cognos hero will overcome the disruptions, take control of his environment, and complete the mission without his team finding out. An Oscar-winning performance for our star, Edwin van Megesen of Motio

Everything You Wanted to Know About Your Cognos Install but Are Afraid to Ask

An unlikely story about keeping your Cognos environment clean comes true in this dramedy blockbuster hit and Inventory Story. Year after year reports and objects build. Add in self-service BI and the result is an exponentially cluttered Cognos environment. Co-workers encourage the company to pack it all up and migrate to a new environment. Our BI champion knows better though. Before moving to the new environment, he wants to know what’s being used and what’s not, and what level of complexity these reports have. In addition, he knows a secret: a way to conveniently see what’s going on behind the curtain through dashboards. We won’t spoil the ending, but we will give you a hint – analytics over analytics.

It’s Complicated: Enhancements to Persona IQ

Steve is irate at not being able to access his normal reports. Worse yet he will have to call the support desk for assistance and isn’t sure he will make it out of the office in time to catch his child’s baseball game. There’s only one thing he can do…implore the company to use Persona IQs impersonation! When implemented the support desk can solve security issues quickly, remitting painful situations which occur when you face a security provider change. Since the support desk can securely login as Steve, apply the fix and also confirm that it is fixed, Steve can leave the office knowing they will let him know when everything is working again. It just so happens he makes the game just in time to see his son’s first grand slam! Now that’s a time saver we can all get behind. (This movie has a 99% Rotten Tomatoes Rating)

The Avengers Endgame: Bringing BI Analytical Tools together in the New IBM Analytics Content Hub

You know and love the main characters – Cognos, Qlik, Power BI, Tableau. Now they come together with their other business intelligence platforms to bring all their content together in one place – The IBM Analytics Content Hub. They’ll battle to beat the odds and break free from hours-long technical help, minimize training days, and have their data at their fingertips resulting in a more proactive and cost-effective workforce.